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The 50 Most Recently Added Fantasy Books

The list below shows the 50 most recently added books with the most recent first. Since these books have only recently been added they are unlikely to have a rank on the lists and I encourage you to vote for them if you can.

To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

The Wee Free Men Terry Pratchett S02  Add To List 
Splashdance Silver Tansy Rayner Roberts S01  Add To List 
Curious Lives Richard Bach Collection  Add To List 
Exiles' Return Gayle Greeno S03  Add To List 
Mind-Speaker's Call Gayle Greeno S02  Add To List 
Conan the Avenger Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Bjorn Nyberg S10  Add To List 
Conan of Cimmeria Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter S02  Add To List 
Towers of Midnight Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson S13  Add To List 
The Gathering Storm Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson S12  Add To List 
Unseen Academicals Terry Pratchett S37  Add To List 
Thud! Terry Pratchett S34  Add To List 
Monstrous Regiment Terry Pratchett S31  Add To List 
Night Watch Terry Pratchett S29  Add To List 
The Last Hero Terry Pratchett S27  Add To List 
Confessor Terry Goodkind S11  Add To List 
Phantom Terry Goodkind S10  Add To List 
Chainfire Terry Goodkind S09  Add To List 
Naked Empire Terry Goodkind S08  Add To List 
Pillars of Creation Terry Goodkind S07  Add To List 
Debt Of Bones Terry Goodkind Novel  Add To List 
The Dark Tower Stephen King S07  Add To List 
Song Of Susannah Stephen King S06  Add To List 
Wolves Of The Calla Stephen King S05  Add To List 
The Shape-Changer's Wife Sharon Shinn Novel  Add To List 
Wrapt In Crystal Sharon Shinn Novel  Add To List 
A Companion To Wolves Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette S01  Add To List 
Kushiel's Mercy Jacqueline Carey S03  Add To List 
Kushiel's Justice Jacqueline Carey S02  Add To List 
Kushiel's Scion Jacqueline Carey S01  Add To List 
Kushiel's Avatar Jacqueline Carey S03  Add To List 
Alphabet Of Thorn Patricia A McKillip Novel  Add To List 
Rose Daughter Robin McKinley S02  Add To List 
Spindle's End Robin McKinley S03  Add To List 
Sunshine Robin McKinley Novel  Add To List 
Horizon Lois McMaster Bujold S04  Add To List 
Erewhon, Or, Over The Range Samuel Butler S01  Add To List 
Bears Discover Fire And Other Stories Terry Bisson Collection  Add To List 
A Place Among The Fallen Adrian Cole S01  Add To List 
The Time Of The Annihilator John Morressey S04  Add To List 
Here Be Demons Esther Friesner S01  Add To List 
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix J K Rowling S05  Add To List 
Pages Of Pain Troy Denning S01  Add To List 
In Yana, The Touch Of Undying Michael Shea Novel  Add To List 
The Fair In Emain Macha Charles de Lint & Fritz Leiber Omnibus  Add To List 
The Paths Of The Dead Steven Brust S01  Add To List 
The Fishers Of Darksea Roger Eldridge Novel  Add To List 
Orsinian Tales Ursula K LeGuin S01  Add To List 
Thief Of Time Terry Pratchett S26  Add To List 
Making Money Terry Pratchett S36  Add To List 
Going Postal Terry Pratchett S33  Add To List 

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