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50 Randomly Selected Books

The list below shows 50 books that have been randomly selected but do not appear in the top 100. To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

TitleAuthorCategoryNo. Votes 
The Diamond Throne David Eddings S01 70  Add To List 
The Coming Race Lord Lytton Novel 2  Add To List 
Circuit Of Heaven Dennis Danvers S01 2  Add To List 
Black Trillium Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May & Andre Norton S01 24  Add To List 
The Losers David Eddings Novel 9  Add To List 
The Eye Of The Queen Phillip Mann Novel 3  Add To List 
Path Of The Fury David Weber Novel 8  Add To List 
The Long Run Daniel Keys Moran S02 52  Add To List 
Creatures Of Light And Darkness Roger Zelazny Novel 64  Add To List 
Someplace To Be Flying Charles de Lint S05 3  Add To List 
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon Philip K Dick Collection 2  Add To List 
Stein und Flote (The Stone And The Flute) Hans Bemmann Novel 11  Add To List 
The Avatar Poul Anderson Novel 4  Add To List 
Time Enough For Love Robert Heinlein Novel 99  Add To List 
The Wishsong Of Shannara Terry Brooks S03 80  Add To List 
The Silver Spike Glen Cook S02 64  Add To List 
The Unpleasant Profession Of Jonathan Hoag Robert Heinlein Collection 22  Add To List 
Titan's Daughter James Blish Novel 1  Add To List 
Cold As Ice Charles Sheffield S01 10  Add To List 
Rork! Avram Davidson Novel 2  Add To List 
The Voyage Of The Space Beagle A E Van Vogt S04 25  Add To List 
Jinian Footseer Sheri S Tepper S01 3  Add To List 
Rimrunners C J Cherryh S05 19  Add To List 
Clear and Present Danger Tom Clancy Novel 6  Add To List 
Ring Stephen Baxter S04 8  Add To List 
The Memory Palace Gill Alderman Novel 2  Add To List 
Lankar Of Callisto Lin Carter S06 1  Add To List 
The Ivory And The Horn Charles de Lint S02 2  Add To List 
Shadows Linger Glen Cook S02 83  Add To List 
Songmaster Orson Scott Card Novel 75  Add To List 
The Architect Of Sleep Steven Boyett Novel 4  Add To List 
The Star Beast Robert Heinlein Novel 33  Add To List 
The Tommyknockers Stephen King Novel 19  Add To List 
Spelljammer: The Maelstrom's Eye Roger Moore S03 2  Add To List 
The Snow Queen Joan D Vinge S01 85  Add To List 
Briar Rose Jane Yolen Novel 4  Add To List 
Subspace Encounter E E Doc Smith S02 1  Add To List 
The Stainless Steel Rat For President Harry Harrison S08 21  Add To List 
Athyra Steven Brust S06 44  Add To List 
The Rapture Effect Jeffrey Carver Novel 4  Add To List 
Kallocain Karin Boye Novel 3  Add To List 
The Crystal Gryphon Andre Norton S01 2  Add To List 
The Citadel Of Fear Francis Stevens Novel 2  Add To List 
Bonds of Vengeance David B Coe S03 1  Add To List 
Howl's Moving Castle Diana Wynne Jones S01 5  Add To List 
The Land Of Laughs Jonathan Carroll Novel 6  Add To List 
The Lure Of The Basilisk Lawrence Watt-Evans S01 3  Add To List 
Once A Hero Michael A Stackpole Novel 14  Add To List 
Game's End Kevin J Anderson S03 6  Add To List 
The Book Of Kells Roberta A MacAvoy Novel 1  Add To List 

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