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50 Randomly Selected Books

The list below shows 50 books that have been randomly selected but do not appear in the top 100. To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

TitleAuthorCategoryNo. Votes 
The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World Harlan Ellison Collection 1  Add To List 
Infinite Dreams Joe Haldeman Collection 2  Add To List 
Star Voyager Academy William Forstchen S01 3  Add To List 
Hunting The Corrigan's Blood Holly Lisle Novel 3  Add To List 
Prelude To Foundation Isaac Asimov S06 151  Add To List 
Yendi Steven Brust S02 61  Add To List 
Death Dream Ben Bova Novel 9  Add To List 
Inheritor C J Cherryh S03 14  Add To List 
The Dark Side Of The Sun Terry Pratchett Novel 17  Add To List 
Far Rainbow Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky Novel 6  Add To List 
Approaching Oblivion Harlan Ellison Collection 1  Add To List 
The Witches Of Karres James H Schmitz Novel 56  Add To List 
Sorcery And Cecelia Caroline Stevermer & Patricia C Wrede S01 4  Add To List 
Logan's Run William F Nolan & George Clayton Johnson S01 11  Add To List 
The Golden Key Melanie Rawn Novel 5  Add To List 
The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story Stephen Donaldson S01 76  Add To List 
Them Bones Howard Waldrop Novel 9  Add To List 
A Plague Of Angels Sheri S Tepper Novel 12  Add To List 
Rhialto the Marvellous Jack Vance S04 5  Add To List 
Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection Charles de Lint Collection 5  Add To List 
The Annals Of The Heechee Frederik Pohl S04 26  Add To List 
The Edge Of Tomorrow Isaac Asimov Collection 1  Add To List 
On Basilisk Station David Weber S01 42  Add To List 
The First King Of Shannara Terry Brooks Novel 24  Add To List 
Soothsayer Mike Resnick S01 6  Add To List 
The White Order L E Modesitt Jr S08 1  Add To List 
The Mixed Men A E Van Vogt Novel 2  Add To List 
Stopping at Slowyear Frederik Pohl Novel 3  Add To List 
Galen Beknighted Michael Williams S06 4  Add To List 
An Earthly Crown Kate Elliott S02 1  Add To List 
The Cool War Frederik Pohl Novel 3  Add To List 
Fire Watch Connie Willis Collection 9  Add To List 
The Moment Of The Magician Alan Dean Foster S04 13  Add To List 
Night Chills Dean Koontz Novel 6  Add To List 
Changeling Earth Fred Saberhagen S03 11  Add To List 
Winterlong Elizabeth Hand Novel 3  Add To List 
Quest For The Well Of Souls Jack Chalker S03 15  Add To List 
Players At The Game Of People John Brunner Novel 1  Add To List 
Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy Novel 4  Add To List 
Red Prophet Orson Scott Card S02 80  Add To List 
The Monster From Earth's End Murray Leinster Novel 2  Add To List 
Caliban's Hour Tad Williams Novel 5  Add To List 
The Time Traveler's Wife Audrey Niffenegger Novel 1  Add To List 
Diadem From The Stars Jo Clayton S01 3  Add To List 
Servant Of The Bones Anne Rice Novel 4  Add To List 
Paradox Alley John DeChancie S03 5  Add To List 
The Legend Of Huma Richard A Knaak S01 19  Add To List 
Nocturne Louise Cooper S04 11  Add To List 
An Alien Affair L Ron Hubbard S04 16  Add To List 
The Invaders Plan L Ron Hubbard S01 33  Add To List 

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