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50 Randomly Selected Books

The list below shows 50 books that have been randomly selected but do not appear in the top 100. To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

TitleAuthorCategoryNo. Votes 
Rediscovery Marion Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey S09 9  Add To List 
Wicked Gregory Maguire S01 2  Add To List 
Midnight Dean Koontz Novel 8  Add To List 
Kushiel's Scion Jacqueline Carey S01 1  Add To List 
The Forge Of God Greg Bear S01 63  Add To List 
Briar Rose Jane Yolen Novel 4  Add To List 
Foundation And Chaos Greg Bear S02 4  Add To List 
The Planiverse A K Dewdney Novel 2  Add To List 
Madrapour Robert Merle Novel 4  Add To List 
Maeve Jo Clayton S04 3  Add To List 
Excession Iain M Banks S05 39  Add To List 
The Chaos Balance L E Modesitt Jr S07 1  Add To List 
The Moon Of Gomrath Alan Garner S02 2  Add To List 
Tapestry Of Dark Souls Elaine Bergstrom S05 3  Add To List 
The Web Of Spider W Michael Gear S03 5  Add To List 
Stolen Faces Michael Bishop Novel 3  Add To List 
The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling Collection 3  Add To List 
Pillar of the Sky Cecelia Holland Novel 2  Add To List 
The Innkeeper's Song Peter S Beagle Novel 11  Add To List 
The Entropy Tango Michael Moorcock S06 4  Add To List 
Dread Companion Andre Norton Novel 2  Add To List 
Agent of Change Sharon Lee & Steve Miller S01 3  Add To List 
The Maze In The Mirror Jack Chalker S03 3  Add To List 
The Time Of The Dark Barbara Hambly S01 31  Add To List 
Of All Possible Worlds William Tenn Collection 3  Add To List 
Seeds of Betrayal David B Coe S02 1  Add To List 
The Mist Stephen King Novel 4  Add To List 
Blood Music Greg Bear Novel 80  Add To List 
The White Mountain David Wingrove S03 14  Add To List 
Guardians of the West David Eddings S01 98  Add To List 
Gods of Riverworld Philip Jose Farmer S05 23  Add To List 
The Song Of Rhiannon Evangeline Walton S03 2  Add To List 
Scardown Elizabeth Bear S02 2  Add To List 
Gadkie lebedi (The Ugly Swans) Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky Novel 5  Add To List 
Sixth Column Robert Heinlein Novel 38  Add To List 
Dragondoom Dennis L McKiernan Novel 7  Add To List 
The Children Of The Wind Geraldine Harris S02 4  Add To List 
Winds Of Fate Mercedes Lackey S01 16  Add To List 
Operation Chaos Poul Anderson Novel 13  Add To List 
Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf David A Gemmell S05 6  Add To List 
The Steel Crocodile D G Compton Novel 1  Add To List 
The Starry Rift James Tiptree Jr Collection 4  Add To List 
Castle Of Wizardry David Eddings S04 156  Add To List 
A Feast For Crows George R R Martin S04 3  Add To List 
Phantoms Dean Koontz Novel 8  Add To List 
Odd John Olaf Stapledon Novel 13  Add To List 
City of Golden Shadow Tad Williams S01 34  Add To List 
The Talismans of Shannara Terry Brooks S04 49  Add To List 
The Witch's Daughter R A Salvatore S02 4  Add To List 
Streams Of Silver R A Salvatore S02 23  Add To List 

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