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50 Randomly Selected Books

The list below shows 50 books that have been randomly selected but do not appear in the top 100. To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

TitleAuthorCategoryNo. Votes 
The Vanishing Tower Michael Moorcock S04 39  Add To List 
Seven Footprints To Satan Abraham Merritt Novel 2  Add To List 
The Hour Of The Gate Alan Dean Foster S02 13  Add To List 
A Time Of Changes Robert Silverberg Novel 18  Add To List 
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach Novel 2  Add To List 
Alanna: The First Adventure Tamora Pierce S01 3  Add To List 
The Visitors Clifford D Simak Novel 12  Add To List 
Song Of Kali Dan Simmons Novel 10  Add To List 
The Dracula Tape Fred Saberhagen S01 3  Add To List 
Revenge of the Damned Allan Cole & Chris Bunch S05 3  Add To List 
Rocket Ship Galileo Robert Heinlein Novel 19  Add To List 
The Cygnet And The Firebird Patricia A McKillip S02 4  Add To List 
Blue Adept Piers Anthony S02 36  Add To List 
Dragondrums Anne McCaffrey S03 56  Add To List 
The Final Encyclopedia Gordon Dickson S09 15  Add To List 
The Road To Ehvenor Joel Rosenberg S06 12  Add To List 
Those Who Watch Robert Silverberg Novel 2  Add To List 
The Misenchanted Sword Lawrence Watt-Evans S01 17  Add To List 
The Armageddon Rag George R R Martin Novel 6  Add To List 
Prelude To Foundation Isaac Asimov S06 151  Add To List 
Splinter Of The Mind's Eye Alan Dean Foster Novel 13  Add To List 
The Mezentian Gate E R Eddison S03 4  Add To List 
Mortal Engines Stanislaw Lem Collection 4  Add To List 
Fall Of Angels L E Modesitt Jr S06 8  Add To List 
Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids Isaac Asimov S02 10  Add To List 
The Turing Option Harry Harrison & Marvin Minsky Novel 12  Add To List 
Split Heirs Lawrence Watt-Evans & Esther M Friesner Novel 4  Add To List 
The Sapphire Rose David Eddings S03 61  Add To List 
Dandelion Wine Ray Bradbury Novel 18  Add To List 
Planet of the Apes Pierre Boulle Novel 14  Add To List 
Teckla Steven Brust S03 50  Add To List 
The Exorcist William Peter Blatty Novel 5  Add To List 
Winter Rose Patricia A McKillip Novel 5  Add To List 
The Embedding Ian Watson Novel 4  Add To List 
The Languages Of Pao Jack Vance Novel 7  Add To List 
Star Fire Ingo Swann Novel 9  Add To List 
Slavers of Space John Brunner Novel 1  Add To List 
The Kif Strike Back C J Cherryh S03 23  Add To List 
Earthblood Keith Laumer & Rosel George Brown Novel 4  Add To List 
Kirlian Quest Piers Anthony S03 5  Add To List 
Four Hundred Billion Stars Paul J McAuley Novel 6  Add To List 
Grendel John Gardner Novel 2  Add To List 
Almuric Robert E Howard Novel 3  Add To List 
A Death Of Honor Joe Clifford Faust Novel 3  Add To List 
Wake Robert J Sawyer S01 1  Add To List 
Star Wars: The Bacta War Michael A Stackpole S04 5  Add To List 
Executive Piers Anthony S04 17  Add To List 
The Robots Of Dawn Isaac Asimov S03 83  Add To List 
Design for Great-Day Alan Dean Foster & Eric Frank Russell Novel 2  Add To List 
Raiders From The Rings Alan E Nourse Novel 3  Add To List 

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