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50 Randomly Selected Books

The list below shows 50 books that have been randomly selected but do not appear in the top 100. To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

TitleAuthorCategoryNo. Votes 
The Werewolves Of London Brian Stableford S01 2  Add To List 
Finity's End C J Cherryh S07 7  Add To List 
Empire Of The Ants Bernard Werber Novel 2  Add To List 
Fool On The Hill Matthew Ruff Novel 8  Add To List 
Worlds Joe Haldeman S01 17  Add To List 
Nightwings Robert Silverberg Novel 16  Add To List 
Many Waters Madeleine L'Engle S04 5  Add To List 
The Atlantic Abomination John Brunner Novel 2  Add To List 
White Lily John Taine Novel 2  Add To List 
The Reality Dysfunction Peter F Hamilton S01 42  Add To List 
Sacrament Clive Barker Novel 4  Add To List 
The Ghosts Of Manacle Charles G Finney Collection 2  Add To List 
Diamond Mask Julian May S02 51  Add To List 
The Northern Girl Elizabeth A Lynn S03 4  Add To List 
Kaz The Minotaur Richard A Knaak S04 8  Add To List 
Fireshaper's Doom Tom Deitz S02 1  Add To List 
In The Hand Of The Goddess Tamora Pierce S02 2  Add To List 
The Postman David Brin Novel 92  Add To List 
A Stone In Heaven Poul Anderson Novel 3  Add To List 
The Time Traveler's Wife Audrey Niffenegger Novel 1  Add To List 
Worldwar: In the Balance Harry Turtledove S01 17  Add To List 
Portraits Of His Children George R R Martin Collection 5  Add To List 
Some Will Not Die Algis Budrys Novel 3  Add To List 
Labyrinths: Selected Stories And Other Writings Jorge Luis Borges Collection 1  Add To List 
The Fall Of The Families Phillip Mann S02 4  Add To List 
A Season For Slaughter David Gerrold S04 9  Add To List 
Man Plus Frederik Pohl Novel 33  Add To List 
By the Sword Mercedes Lackey Novel 28  Add To List 
The Black Star Passes John W Campbell Jr Novel 3  Add To List 
The Killing Machine Jack Vance S02 16  Add To List 
The Wooden Spaceships Bob Shaw S02 8  Add To List 
Assignment In Eternity Robert Heinlein Collection 14  Add To List 
Living With Aliens John DeChancie Novel 1  Add To List 
The X-Files: Whirlwind Charles L Grant S02 3  Add To List 
The Monster Men Edgar Rice Burroughs Novel 5  Add To List 
Animal Farm George Orwell Novel 161  Add To List 
The First Chronicles Of Druss The Legend David A Gemmell S06 5  Add To List 
Drowning Towers George Turner Novel 3  Add To List 
The Unpleasant Profession Of Jonathan Hoag Robert Heinlein Collection 22  Add To List 
Tarzan Of The Apes Edgar Rice Burroughs S01 18  Add To List 
Shadows Of Doom Dennis L McKiernan S02 11  Add To List 
Night's Sorceries Tanith Lee S05 2  Add To List 
The Phoenix And The Mirror Avram Davidson Novel 2  Add To List 
The Lion Game James H Schmitz S02 3  Add To List 
Avatar Louise Cooper S06 4  Add To List 
Andromeda Breakthrough Fred Hoyle & John Elliot S02 2  Add To List 
Pool of Radiance James M Ward & Jane Cooper Hong S01 6  Add To List 
Word-Bringer Edward Llewellen Novel 2  Add To List 
The Argonaut Affair Simon Hawke S07 4  Add To List 
Unfinished Tales J R R Tolkien Collection 23  Add To List 

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