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Fantasy Books That Need More Votes!

There are currently over 400 books that do not have enough votes to appear in either the Top 100 list or the extended list. Please feel free to vote for any of the books listed below and, with luck, they will appear in one of the lists fairly soon.

To see the details about a particular book just click on the book's title. To add a book to the list of books that you want to vote for just click on the "Add To List" button next to the book.

A Place Among The Fallen Adrian Cole S01  Add To List 
Tidestorm Limit Ansen Dibell S04  Add To List 
The Sun Of Return Ansen Dibell S05  Add To List 
Wizard's Mole Brad Strickland S03  Add To List 
A Scholar Of Magics Caroline Stevermer S02  Add To List 
The Fair In Emain Macha Charles de Lint & Fritz Leiber Omnibus  Add To List 
The Falcon And The Serpent Cheryl A Smith Novel  Add To List 
The Scar China Mieville S02  Add To List 
The Witch Doctor Christopher Stasheff S03  Add To List 
The Secular Wizard Christopher Stasheff S04  Add To List 
The Warlock Heretical Christopher Stasheff S08  Add To List 
The Warlock's Companion Christopher Stasheff S09  Add To List 
The Warlock Insane Christopher Stasheff S10  Add To List 
The Warlock Rock Christopher Stasheff S11  Add To List 
The Other Sinbad Craig Shaw Gardner S01  Add To List 
A Bad Day For Ali Baba Craig Shaw Gardner S02  Add To List 
A Rose-Red City Dave Duncan Novel  Add To List 
Children of Amarid David B Coe S01  Add To List 
Rules of Ascension David B Coe S01  Add To List 
Seeds of Betrayal David B Coe S02  Add To List 
The Outlanders David B Coe S02  Add To List 
Bonds of Vengeance David B Coe S03  Add To List 
Eagle-Sage David B Coe S03  Add To List 
Spelljammer: Beyond The Moons David Cook S01  Add To List 
Wizardborn David Farland S03  Add To List 
The Paradise Tree Diana L Paxson Novel  Add To List 
Ironhelm Douglas Niles S01  Add To List 
The Chains That You Refuse Elizabeth Bear Collection  Add To List 
New Amsterdam Elizabeth Bear S01  Add To List 
A Companion To Wolves Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette S01  Add To List 
Last Summer At Mars Hill Elizabeth Hand Collection  Add To List 
Prophecy: Child Of Earth Elizabeth Haydon S02  Add To List 
Destiny: Child Of The Sky Elizabeth Haydon S03  Add To List 
Requiem For The Sun Elizabeth Haydon S04  Add To List 
Shallows Of Night Eric Van Lustbader S02  Add To List 
Here Be Demons Esther Friesner S01  Add To List 
The Children Of Llyr Evangeline Walton S02  Add To List 
The Virgin and the Swine Evangeline Walton S04  Add To List 
The Knight And Knave Of Swords Fritz Leiber S07  Add To List 
The Songbirds Of Pain Garry D Kilworth Collection  Add To List 
Sea Of Death Gary Gygax Novel  Add To List 
Night Arrant Gary Gygax Collection  Add To List 
The Earth Lords Gordon Dickson Novel  Add To List 
The Last Light Of The Sun Guy Gavriel Kay Novel  Add To List 
Merlin's Godson H Warner Munn Omnibus  Add To List 
King and Emperor Harry Harrison & John Holm S03  Add To List 
King Of The North Harry Turtledove S04  Add To List 
Blood Storm Heather Gladney Novel  Add To List 
Teot's War Heather Gladney Novel  Add To List 
The Wordsmiths And The Warguild Hugh Cook S02  Add To List 
The Women And The Warlords Hugh Cook S03  Add To List 
The Wicked And The Witless Hugh Cook S05  Add To List 
The Wishstone And The Wonderworkers Hugh Cook S06  Add To List 
The Wazir And The Witch Hugh Cook S07  Add To List 
The Werewolf And The Wormlord Hugh Cook S08  Add To List 
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix J K Rowling S05  Add To List 
The Fellowship Of The Ring J R R Tolkien S01  Add To List 
The Two Towers J R R Tolkien S02  Add To List 
The Return Of The King J R R Tolkien S03  Add To List 
Riders of the Winds Jack Chalker S02  Add To List 
Kushiel's Scion Jacqueline Carey S01  Add To List 
Kushiel's Justice Jacqueline Carey S02  Add To List 
Kushiel's Avatar Jacqueline Carey S03  Add To List 
Kushiel's Mercy Jacqueline Carey S03  Add To List 
The Song Of Homana Jennifer Roberson S02  Add To List 
Track Of The White Wolf Jennifer Roberson S04  Add To List 
A Pride Of Princes Jennifer Roberson S05  Add To List 
Flight Of The Raven Jennifer Roberson S07  Add To List 
A Tapestry Of Lions Jennifer Roberson S08  Add To List 
The Eyes Of God John Marco S01  Add To List 
The Devil's Armor John Marco S02  Add To List 
The Saints Of The Sword John Marco S03  Add To List 
The Time Of The Annihilator John Morressey S04  Add To List 
Captive Of Gor John Norman S07  Add To List 
Marauders Of Gor John Norman S09  Add To List 
Beasts Of Gor John Norman S12  Add To List 
Labyrinths: Selected Stories And Other Writings Jorge Luis Borges Collection  Add To List 
The Book Of Sand Jorge Luis Borges Collection  Add To List 
Timediver's Dawn L E Modesitt Jr S02  Add To List 
The Spellsong War L E Modesitt Jr S02  Add To List 
The Death Of Chaos L E Modesitt Jr S05  Add To List 
The Chaos Balance L E Modesitt Jr S07  Add To List 
The White Order L E Modesitt Jr S08  Add To List 
Wall of Serpents L Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt Novel  Add To List 
The Seven Altars Of Dusarra Lawrence Watt-Evans S02  Add To List 
Horizon Lois McMaster Bujold S04  Add To List 
A Storm Of Wings M John Harrison S02  Add To List 
In Viriconium M John Harrison S03  Add To List 
Owlsight Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon S02  Add To List 
Fortress Of Frost And Fire Mercedes Lackey & Ru Emerson S02  Add To List 
Ten Little Wizards Michael Kurland Novel  Add To List 
The Stealer Of Souls And Other Stories Michael Moorcock Collection  Add To List 
In Yana, The Touch Of Undying Michael Shea Novel  Add To List 
The Jewels Of Elvish Nancy Varian Berberick Novel  Add To List 
Grimbold's Other World Nicholas Stuart Gray Novel  Add To List 
Child Of An Ancient City Nina Kiriki Hoffman,Brian Froud & Tad Williams Novel  Add To List 
The Dubious Hills Pamela Dean Novel  Add To List 
Alphabet Of Thorn Patricia A McKillip Novel  Add To List 
The Demon Lord Peter Morwood S02  Add To List 
Shame Of Man Piers Anthony S02  Add To List 
Dragonslayer's Return R A Salvatore S03  Add To List 
The Darkness That Comes Before R Scott Bakker S01  Add To List 
The Warrior Prophet R Scott Bakker S02  Add To List 
The Thousandfold Thought R Scott Bakker S03  Add To List 
A Stretch of the Imagination Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
The Sixteen Keys Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
The Eyes Have It Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
The Ipswich Phial Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
The Napoli Express Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
The Muddle of the Woad Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
A Case of Identity Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
A Matter of Gravity Randall Garrett Novel  Add To List 
Tales From Watership Down Richard Adams S02  Add To List 
The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story Richard Bach Novel  Add To List 
Curious Lives Richard Bach Collection  Add To List 
Wizard's Bane Rick Cook S01  Add To List 
The Wizardry Compiled Rick Cook S02  Add To List 
The Wizardry Cursed Rick Cook S03  Add To List 
Castaways In Time Robert Adams S01  Add To List 
Swords Of The Horseclans Robert Adams S02  Add To List 
Revenge Of The Horseclans Robert Adams S03  Add To List 
The Witch Goddess Robert Adams S09  Add To List 
Conan the Avenger Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Bjorn Nyberg S10  Add To List 
Conan of Cimmeria Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter S02  Add To List 
The City In The Glacier Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan S02  Add To List 
Demon of the Dark Ones Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan S06  Add To List 
Merlin's Wood Robert Holdstock S05  Add To List 
New Spring Robert Jordan Novel  Add To List 
The Gathering Storm Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson S12  Add To List 
Towers of Midnight Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson S13  Add To List 
Master Of The Etrax Robert Lory Novel  Add To List 
The Book Of Kells Roberta A MacAvoy Novel  Add To List 
Fool's Errand Robin Hobb S01  Add To List 
Sunshine Robin McKinley Novel  Add To List 
Rose Daughter Robin McKinley S02  Add To List 
Spindle's End Robin McKinley S03  Add To List 
The Fishers Of Darksea Roger Eldridge Novel  Add To List 
The Return Of The Sword Roger Taylor S05  Add To List 
The Prisoner Of Blackwood Castle Ron Goulart Novel  Add To List 
Spelljammer: The Ultimate Helm Russ Howard S06  Add To List 
Light on the Sound S P Somtow Novel  Add To List 
Erewhon, Or, Over The Range Samuel Butler S01  Add To List 
Wrapt In Crystal Sharon Shinn Novel  Add To List 
The Shape-Changer's Wife Sharon Shinn Novel  Add To List 
The Song of Mavin Manyshaped Sheri S Tepper S01  Add To List 
The Wizard of 4th Street Simon Hawke S01  Add To List 
Blood And Honour Simon R Green S02  Add To List 
Gilden-Fire Stephen Donaldson Novel  Add To List 
Wolves Of The Calla Stephen King S05  Add To List 
Song Of Susannah Stephen King S06  Add To List 
The Paths Of The Dead Steven Brust S01  Add To List 
Memories of Ice Steven Erikson S03  Add To List 
House of Chains Steven Erikson S04  Add To List 
Midnight Tides Steven Erikson S05  Add To List 
The Bonehunters Steven Erikson S06  Add To List 
Reaper's Gale Steven Erikson S07  Add To List 
Splashdance Silver Tansy Rayner Roberts S01  Add To List 
Liquid Gold Tansy Rayner Roberts S02  Add To List 
Summon The Keeper Tanya Huff S01  Add To List 
Bears Discover Fire And Other Stories Terry Bisson Collection  Add To List 
Debt Of Bones Terry Goodkind Novel  Add To List 
The Wee Free Men Terry Pratchett S02  Add To List 
The Last Hero Terry Pratchett S27  Add To List 
Night Watch Terry Pratchett S29  Add To List 
Unseen Academicals Terry Pratchett S37  Add To List 
Walker Of Worlds Tom De Haven S01  Add To List 
Fireshaper's Doom Tom Deitz S02  Add To List 
Stoneskin's Revenge Tom Deitz S05  Add To List 
Pages Of Pain Troy Denning S01  Add To List 
Orsinian Tales Ursula K LeGuin S01  Add To List 
Le Livre des chevaliers (The Book Of Knights) Yves Meynard Novel  Add To List 

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