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The list below was compiled using the votes sent in by more than 3000 people. If you want to vote for a book then please read the "How do I vote?" section in the FAQ or, alternatively, you can use the new cart system to compile a selection of books that you want to vote for.

To add a book to your selection click the "Add To List" button for that book and it will be put in your voting cart. You will be given the opportunity to give the book a score right away but you will also have a chance to give the book a score later on before the books in your cart are formatted ready to for emailing. To see a list of the books you have selected you can always go to your cart and then go back to looking through the books that have already made it in to the lists.

To see more details about a book including the book's current rank, previous rank and the distribution of votes just click on the book's title.

NB: The rank shown below is the book's absolute rank in the complete Top 100 List and not its relative rank in the Horror List.

Rank Title Author Category Score No. Votes  
No change  94 Something Wicked This Way Comes Ray Bradbury Novel 7.863 110  Add To List 
No change  210 The Stand Stephen King Novel 7.205 84  Add To List 
No change  340 Interview with the Vampire Anne Rice S01 5.863 55  Add To List 
No change  354 Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus Mary Shelley Novel 5.677 51  Add To List 
No change  362 The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice S02 5.604 51  Add To List 
No change  386 Faerie Tale Raymond E Feist Novel 5.191 45  Add To List 
No change  456 Neverwhere Neil Gaiman Novel 4.353 36  Add To List 
No change  557 It Stephen King Novel 3.115 34  Add To List 
No change  572 The Dead Zone Stephen King Novel 2.981 29  Add To List 
No change  579 Dracula Bram Stoker Novel 2.900 30  Add To List 
No change  624 Weaveworld Clive Barker Novel 2.470 27  Add To List 
No change  670 The Talisman Stephen King & Peter Straub Novel 2.090 26  Add To List 
No change  671 The Shining Stephen King Novel 2.089 25  Add To List 
No change  690 The Queen Of The Damned Anne Rice S03 1.980 22  Add To List 
No change  722 Pet Sematary Stephen King Novel 1.867 25  Add To List 
No change  769 'Salem's Lot Stephen King Novel 1.616 22  Add To List 
No change  770 The Running Man Stephen King Novel 1.613 20  Add To List 
No change  796 I Am Legend Richard Matheson Collection 1.518 19  Add To List 
No change  842 The Stress Of Her Regard Tim Powers Novel 1.393 18  Add To List 
No change  850 At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror H P Lovecraft Novel 1.351 17  Add To List 
No change  851 Carrion Comfort Dan Simmons Novel 1.346 16  Add To List 
No change  870 Christine Stephen King Novel 1.291 18  Add To List 
No change  877 The Long Walk Stephen King Novel 1.273 17  Add To List 
No change  883 Night Shift Stephen King Collection 1.262 18  Add To List 
No change  894 The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath H P Lovecraft Collection 1.232 17  Add To List 
No change  925 Firestarter Stephen King Novel 1.144 18  Add To List 
No change  971 The Tale of the Body Thief Anne Rice S04 1.038 17  Add To List 
No change  1013 The Tommyknockers Stephen King Novel 0.956 19  Add To List 
No change  1018 Lost Boys Orson Scott Card Novel 0.954 16  Add To List 
No change  1048 Fevre Dream George R R Martin Novel 0.905 14  Add To List 
No change  1064 Needful Things Stephen King Novel 0.875 18  Add To List 
No change  1067 Carrie Stephen King Novel 0.868 16  Add To List 
No change  1070 The Dark Half Stephen King Novel 0.865 15  Add To List 
Down  1077 Lightning Dean Koontz Novel 0.854 14  Add To List 
Down  1108 Watchers Dean Koontz Novel 0.808 15  Add To List 
Down  1110 Cujo Stephen King Novel 0.802 15  Add To List 
Down  1129 The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward H P Lovecraft Novel 0.760 13  Add To List 
No change  1195 Memnoch The Devil Anne Rice S05 0.673 14  Add To List 
No change  1219 The Green Mile Stephen King Novel 0.646 12  Add To List 
No change  1233 Agyar Steven Brust Novel 0.636 12  Add To List 
No change  1268 The October Country Ray Bradbury Collection 0.591 11  Add To List 
No change  1276 Thinner Stephen King Novel 0.583 14  Add To List 
No change  1328 Insomnia Stephen King Novel 0.538 12  Add To List 
No change  1425 The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare G K Chesterton Novel 0.451 10  Add To List 
No change  1463 Into The Out Of Alan Dean Foster Novel 0.418 10  Add To List 
No change  1531 The House On The Borderland William Hope Hodgson Novel 0.365 8  Add To List 
No change  1536 Conjure Wife Fritz Leiber Novel 0.362 9  Add To List 
No change  1581 The Mummy Anne Rice Novel 0.341 10  Add To List 
No change  1584 Phantoms Dean Koontz Novel 0.339 8  Add To List 
No change  1622 Fires of Eden Dan Simmons Novel 0.317 8  Add To List 
No change  1705 Angry Candy Harlan Ellison Collection 0.279 7  Add To List 
No change  1710 Treasure Box Orson Scott Card Novel 0.278 8  Add To List 
No change  1728 Midnight Dean Koontz Novel 0.271 8  Add To List 
No change  1777 Guilty Pleasures Laurell K Hamilton S01 0.253 7  Add To List 
No change  1788 The Dunwich Horror and Others H P Lovecraft Collection 0.250 7  Add To List 
No change  1807 Dolores Claiborne Stephen King Novel 0.241 8  Add To List 
No change  1825 The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov Novel 0.235 6  Add To List 
No change  1826 The Pelican Brief John Grisham Novel 0.234 8  Add To List 
No change  1828 The Silence Of The Lambs Thomas Harris Novel 0.234 7  Add To List 
No change  1879 Darker Than You Think Jack Williamson Novel 0.214 6  Add To List 
No change  1903 Prayers To Broken Stones Dan Simmons Collection 0.205 6  Add To List 
No change  1932 Strangers Dean Koontz Novel 0.196 7  Add To List 
No change  1960 Vampire Of The Mists Christie Golden S01 0.188 6  Add To List 
No change  1964 Gerald's Game Stephen King Novel 0.187 9  Add To List 
No change  1973 The Firm John Grisham Novel 0.185 8  Add To List 
No change  2003 Misery Stephen King Novel 0.179 6  Add To List 
No change  2023 Practical Demonkeeping Christopher Moore Novel 0.174 6  Add To List 
No change  2038 Dragon Tears Dean Koontz Novel 0.171 6  Add To List 
No change  2055 The Damnation Game Clive Barker Novel 0.169 7  Add To List 
No change  2060 Cabal Clive Barker Novel 0.168 6  Add To List 
No change  2104 The Bad Place Dean Koontz Novel 0.156 6  Add To List 
No change  2125 Night Chills Dean Koontz Novel 0.150 6  Add To List 
No change  2159 The Client John Grisham Novel 0.143 7  Add To List 
No change  2165 A Time To Kill John Grisham Novel 0.142 6  Add To List 
No change  2207 Circus Of The Damned Laurell K Hamilton S03 0.134 5  Add To List 
No change  2212 Spares Michael Marshall Smith Novel 0.134 5  Add To List 
No change  2236 The Lunatic Cafe Laurell K Hamilton S04 0.129 5  Add To List 
No change  2257 Twilight Eyes Dean Koontz Novel 0.125 5  Add To List 
No change  2272 Strange Wine Harlan Ellison Collection 0.123 5  Add To List 
No change  2308 Boy's Life Robert R McCammon Novel 0.118 5  Add To List 
No change  2342 Four Past Midnight Stephen King Collection 0.114 5  Add To List 
No change  2356 Mr Murder Dean Koontz Novel 0.112 5  Add To List 
No change  2386 Lost Souls Poppy Z Brite Novel 0.108 5  Add To List 
No change  2447 Bones Of The Moon Jonathan Carroll S01 0.101 4  Add To List 
No change  2475 Death: The High Cost Of Living Neil Gaiman Novel 0.097 4  Add To List 
No change  2490 The Laughing Corpse Laurell K Hamilton S02 0.095 4  Add To List 
No change  2503 Nightflyers George R R Martin Collection 0.093 4  Add To List 
No change  2505 Swan Song Robert R McCammon Novel 0.093 4  Add To List 
No change  2517 Summer Of Night Dan Simmons S01 0.091 4  Add To List 
No change  2534 The Exorcist William Peter Blatty Novel 0.089 5  Add To List 
No change  2538 The Mist Stephen King Novel 0.088 4  Add To List 
No change  2540 Rosemary's Baby Ira Levin Novel 0.088 4  Add To List 
No change  2563 Fatherland Robert Harris Novel 0.087 5  Add To List 
No change  2566 LoveDeath Dan Simmons Collection 0.086 4  Add To List 
No change  2584 Winter Moon Dean Koontz Novel 0.085 4  Add To List 
No change  2592 Firefly Piers Anthony Novel 0.084 6  Add To List 
No change  2604 Anno Dracula Kim Newman Novel 0.083 4  Add To List 
No change  2615 The Mind Parasites Colin Wilson Novel 0.082 4  Add To List 
No change  2642 Drawing Blood Poppy Z Brite Novel 0.081 4  Add To List 
No change  2644 Night Relics James P Blaylock S01 0.081 4  Add To List 

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