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The Fantasy Top 100 List

The list below was compiled using the votes sent in by more than 3000 people. If you want to vote for a book then please read the "How do I vote?" section in the FAQ or, alternatively, you can use the new cart system to compile a selection of books that you want to vote for.

To add a book to your selection click the "Add To List" button for that book and it will be put in your voting cart. You will be given the opportunity to give the book a score right away but you will also have a chance to give the book a score later on before the books in your cart are formatted ready to for emailing. To see a list of the books you have selected you can always go to your cart and then go back to looking through the books that have already made it in to the lists.

To see more details about a book including the book's current rank, previous rank and the distribution of votes just click on the book's title.

NB: The rank shown below is the book's absolute rank in the complete Top 100 List and not its relative rank in the Fantasy List.

Rank Title Author Category Score No. Votes  
No change  1 The Lord of the Rings J R R Tolkien Omnibus 8.889 1326  Add To List 
No change  2 A Game Of Thrones George R R Martin S01 8.857 148  Add To List 
No change  10 A Clash Of Kings George R R Martin S02 8.352 72  Add To List 
No change  12 The Hobbit, or There and Back Again J R R Tolkien Novel 8.305 667  Add To List 
No change  13 The Power That Preserves Stephen Donaldson S03 8.266 155  Add To List 
No change  14 Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay Novel 8.262 257  Add To List 
No change  16 Magician Raymond E Feist S01 8.249 204  Add To List 
No change  20 The Illearth War Stephen Donaldson S02 8.230 164  Add To List 
No change  24 The Lions Of al-Rassan Guy Gavriel Kay Novel 8.202 118  Add To List 
No change  26 The Once And Future King T H White Omnibus 8.185 111  Add To List 
No change  32 The Guns Of Avalon Roger Zelazny S02 8.122 302  Add To List 
Up  36 Nine Princes In Amber Roger Zelazny S01 8.099 336  Add To List 
Down  37 Reaper Man Terry Pratchett S10 8.098 86  Add To List 
No change  38 Watership Down Richard Adams S01 8.091 165  Add To List 
No change  39 Sign Of The Unicorn Roger Zelazny S03 8.089 288  Add To List 
No change  42 The Courts Of Chaos Roger Zelazny S05 8.074 292  Add To List 
No change  43 A Darkness At Sethanon Raymond E Feist S03 8.067 126  Add To List 
No change  44 The Hand Of Oberon Roger Zelazny S04 8.063 292  Add To List 
No change  45 Stone of Farewell Tad Williams S02 8.060 166  Add To List 
No change  47 The Shadow Rising Robert Jordan S04 8.045 455  Add To List 
No change  48 The Great Hunt Robert Jordan S02 8.039 469  Add To List 
No change  49 The Dragon Reborn Robert Jordan S03 8.038 465  Add To List 
No change  50 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C S Lewis S01 8.037 278  Add To List 
No change  55 A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula K LeGuin S01 8.018 337  Add To List 
No change  61 The Princess Bride William Goldman Novel 7.996 124  Add To List 
No change  63 Small Gods Terry Pratchett S13 7.980 92  Add To List 
No change  65 The Anubis Gates Tim Powers Novel 7.973 139  Add To List 
No change  67 The Fires Of Heaven Robert Jordan S05 7.968 453  Add To List 
No change  68 The Eye Of The World Robert Jordan S01 7.965 494  Add To List 
No change  69 To Green Angel Tower Tad Williams S03 7.961 166  Add To List 
No change  76 Lord Of Chaos Robert Jordan S06 7.933 443  Add To List 
No change  79 The Wandering Fire Guy Gavriel Kay S02 7.922 158  Add To List 
No change  80 The Darkest Road Guy Gavriel Kay S03 7.920 156  Add To List 
No change  82 Lord Foul's Bane Stephen Donaldson S01 7.917 186  Add To List 
No change  83 Stone Of Tears Terry Goodkind S02 7.917 110  Add To List 
No change  86 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll S01 7.905 139  Add To List 
No change  88 Men At Arms Terry Pratchett S15 7.893 84  Add To List 
No change  90 A Song For Arbonne Guy Gavriel Kay Novel 7.882 125  Add To List 
No change  91 Silverthorn Raymond E Feist S02 7.879 128  Add To List 
No change  93 Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett S08 7.872 98  Add To List 
No change  95 The Magician's Nephew C S Lewis S06 7.854 174  Add To List 
No change  98 The Silmarillion J R R Tolkien Novel 7.841 196  Add To List 
No change  100 Good Omens Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman Novel 7.839 163  Add To List 
No change  106 The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader C S Lewis S03 7.809 179  Add To List 
No change  108 The Dragonbone Chair Tad Williams S01 7.802 202  Add To List 
No change  110 The Black Company Glen Cook S01 7.796 126  Add To List 
No change  111 Bridge Of Birds Barry Hughart Novel 7.788 78  Add To List 
No change  114 The Mists Of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley S01 7.788 88  Add To List 
No change  115 Mort Terry Pratchett S04 7.763 120  Add To List 
No change  116 Animal Farm George Orwell Novel 7.759 161  Add To List 
No change  117 A Crown Of Swords Robert Jordan S07 7.755 302  Add To List 
No change  119 The White Dragon Anne McCaffrey S03 7.733 139  Add To List 
No change  120 Dragonquest Anne McCaffrey S02 7.731 93  Add To List 
No change  121 Dragonflight Anne McCaffrey S01 7.725 109  Add To List 
No change  122 Seventh Son Orson Scott Card S01 7.724 89  Add To List 
No change  124 The Mirror Of Her Dreams Stephen Donaldson S01 7.720 88  Add To List 
No change  125 The Silver Chair C S Lewis S04 7.714 172  Add To List 
No change  126 The White Rose Glen Cook S03 7.714 82  Add To List 
No change  127 The Summer Tree Guy Gavriel Kay S01 7.710 173  Add To List 
No change  128 The Horse And His Boy C S Lewis S05 7.707 166  Add To List 
No change  129 The Last Battle C S Lewis S07 7.706 171  Add To List 
No change  131 Prince Caspian C S Lewis S02 7.701 174  Add To List 
No change  133 Mistress Of The Empire Raymond E Feist & Janny Wurts S03 7.695 104  Add To List 
No change  134 The Farthest Shore Ursula K LeGuin S03 7.695 174  Add To List 
No change  136 Servant Of The Empire Raymond E Feist & Janny Wurts S02 7.694 114  Add To List 
No change  137 Wizard's First Rule Terry Goodkind S01 7.693 168  Add To List 
No change  138 The Tombs Of Atuan Ursula K LeGuin S02 7.686 191  Add To List 
No change  141 Dragons Of Autumn Twilight Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis S01 7.670 102  Add To List 
No change  142 A Man Rides Through Stephen Donaldson S02 7.658 89  Add To List 
No change  149 Daughter Of The Empire Raymond E Feist & Janny Wurts S01 7.627 113  Add To List 
No change  156 Trumps Of Doom Roger Zelazny S01 7.554 124  Add To List 
No change  158 Magician's Gambit David Eddings S03 7.553 157  Add To List 
No change  159 Dragons Of Spring Dawning Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis S03 7.543 96  Add To List 
No change  160 Enchanters' End Game David Eddings S05 7.542 154  Add To List 
No change  161 Dragons Of Winter Night Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis S02 7.542 99  Add To List 
No change  163 Queen Of Sorcery David Eddings S02 7.533 155  Add To List 
No change  164 Sign Of Chaos Roger Zelazny S03 7.530 112  Add To List 
No change  165 Wyrd Sisters Terry Pratchett S06 7.505 79  Add To List 
No change  166 Blood Of Amber Roger Zelazny S02 7.500 116  Add To List 
No change  167 The One Tree Stephen Donaldson S02 7.488 80  Add To List 
No change  168 The Colour Of Magic Terry Pratchett S01 7.485 123  Add To List 
No change  169 The Light Fantastic Terry Pratchett S02 7.484 103  Add To List 
No change  170 Pawn Of Prophecy David Eddings S01 7.480 165  Add To List 
No change  171 Shadows Linger Glen Cook S02 7.472 83  Add To List 
No change  172 The Wounded Land Stephen Donaldson S01 7.472 76  Add To List 
No change  174 Dragonsong Anne McCaffrey S01 7.466 81  Add To List 
No change  175 Knight Of Shadows Roger Zelazny S04 7.465 110  Add To List 
No change  178 White Gold Wielder Stephen Donaldson S03 7.456 82  Add To List 
No change  181 Prince Of Chaos Roger Zelazny S05 7.431 113  Add To List 
No change  182 Castle Of Wizardry David Eddings S04 7.424 156  Add To List 
No change  185 Dragonsinger Anne McCaffrey S02 7.399 86  Add To List 
Up  186 Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett S12 7.390 72  Add To List 
Down  190 Shadow Games Glen Cook S01 7.373 71  Add To List 
No change  193 Blood Of The Fold Terry Goodkind S03 7.325 75  Add To List 
No change  195 Equal Rites Terry Pratchett S03 7.312 88  Add To List 
No change  207 Sourcery Terry Pratchett S05 7.220 79  Add To List 
No change  212 Red Prophet Orson Scott Card S02 7.186 80  Add To List 
No change  215 Soul Music Terry Pratchett S16 7.173 67  Add To List 
No change  216 Magic's Price Mercedes Lackey S03 7.170 68  Add To List 
No change  217 Prentice Alvin Orson Scott Card S03 7.167 76  Add To List 

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