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The list below was compiled using the votes sent in by more than 3000 people. If you want to vote for a book then please read the "How do I vote?" section in the FAQ or, alternatively, you can use the new cart system to compile a selection of books that you want to vote for.

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Rank Title Author Category Score No. Votes  
No change  1 The Lord of the Rings J R R Tolkien Omnibus 8.889 1326  Add To List 
No change  2 A Game Of Thrones George R R Martin S01 8.857 148  Add To List 
No change  3 Ender's Game Orson Scott Card S01 8.792 872  Add To List 
No change  4 Mirror Dance Lois McMaster Bujold S06 8.522 119  Add To List 
No change  5 Dune Frank Herbert S01 8.507 898  Add To List 
No change  6 A Fire Upon The Deep Vernor Vinge S01 8.410 250  Add To List 
No change  7 Hyperion Dan Simmons S01 8.397 412  Add To List 
No change  8 The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Robert Heinlein Novel 8.373 357  Add To List 
No change  9 The Stars My Destination Alfred Bester Novel 8.354 219  Add To List 
No change  10 A Clash Of Kings George R R Martin S02 8.352 72  Add To List 
No change  11 Lord Of Light Roger Zelazny Novel 8.333 221  Add To List 
No change  12 The Hobbit, or There and Back Again J R R Tolkien Novel 8.305 667  Add To List 
No change  13 The Power That Preserves Stephen Donaldson S03 8.266 155  Add To List 
No change  14 Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay Novel 8.262 257  Add To List 
No change  15 Barrayar Lois McMaster Bujold S02 8.257 118  Add To List 
No change  16 Magician Raymond E Feist S01 8.249 204  Add To List 
No change  17 Snow Crash Neal Stephenson Novel 8.248 277  Add To List 
No change  18 Flowers For Algernon Daniel Keyes Novel 8.241 221  Add To List 
No change  19 Startide Rising David Brin S02 8.235 329  Add To List 
No change  20 The Illearth War Stephen Donaldson S02 8.230 164  Add To List 
No change  21 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Douglas Adams S01 8.228 499  Add To List 
No change  22 Foundation Isaac Asimov S01 8.224 636  Add To List 
No change  23 Endymion Dan Simmons S03 8.216 144  Add To List 
No change  24 The Lions Of al-Rassan Guy Gavriel Kay Novel 8.202 118  Add To List 
No change  25 Second Foundation Isaac Asimov S03 8.191 535  Add To List 
No change  26 The Once And Future King T H White Omnibus 8.185 111  Add To List 
No change  27 Foundation And Empire Isaac Asimov S02 8.176 529  Add To List 
No change  28 Shards Of Honor Lois McMaster Bujold S01 8.172 112  Add To List 
No change  29 The Warrior's Apprentice Lois McMaster Bujold S01 8.140 116  Add To List 
No change  30 The Uplift War David Brin S03 8.132 185  Add To List 
No change  31 The Rise Of Endymion Dan Simmons S04 8.132 89  Add To List 
No change  32 The Guns Of Avalon Roger Zelazny S02 8.122 302  Add To List 
No change  33 Speaker For The Dead Orson Scott Card S02 8.120 463  Add To List 
Up  34 Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) George Orwell Novel 8.113 435  Add To List 
Up  35 The Demolished Man Alfred Bester Novel 8.113 193  Add To List 
Up  36 Nine Princes In Amber Roger Zelazny S01 8.099 336  Add To List 
Down  37 Reaper Man Terry Pratchett S10 8.098 86  Add To List 
No change  38 Watership Down Richard Adams S01 8.091 165  Add To List 
No change  39 Sign Of The Unicorn Roger Zelazny S03 8.089 288  Add To List 
No change  40 The Door Into Summer Robert Heinlein Novel 8.079 160  Add To List 
No change  41 The Fall Of Hyperion Dan Simmons S02 8.078 253  Add To List 
No change  42 The Courts Of Chaos Roger Zelazny S05 8.074 292  Add To List 
No change  43 A Darkness At Sethanon Raymond E Feist S03 8.067 126  Add To List 
No change  44 The Hand Of Oberon Roger Zelazny S04 8.063 292  Add To List 
No change  45 Stone of Farewell Tad Williams S02 8.060 166  Add To List 
No change  46 The Citadel Of The Autarch Gene Wolfe S04 8.049 144  Add To List 
No change  47 The Shadow Rising Robert Jordan S04 8.045 455  Add To List 
No change  48 The Great Hunt Robert Jordan S02 8.039 469  Add To List 
No change  49 The Dragon Reborn Robert Jordan S03 8.038 465  Add To List 
No change  50 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C S Lewis S01 8.037 278  Add To List 
No change  51 The Player Of Games Iain M Banks S02 8.035 129  Add To List 
No change  52 The Left Hand Of Darkness Ursula K LeGuin Novel 8.030 237  Add To List 
No change  53 The Sword Of The Lictor Gene Wolfe S03 8.029 146  Add To List 
No change  54 Gateway Frederik Pohl S01 8.019 203  Add To List 
No change  55 A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula K LeGuin S01 8.018 337  Add To List 
No change  56 The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury Collection 8.017 188  Add To List 
No change  57 A Canticle For Leibowitz Walter M Miller S01 8.012 290  Add To List 
No change  58 Childhood's End Arthur C Clarke Novel 8.007 224  Add To List 
No change  59 Memory Lois McMaster Bujold S08 8.005 64  Add To List 
No change  60 The Mote In God's Eye Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle S01 8.003 225  Add To List 
No change  61 The Princess Bride William Goldman Novel 7.996 124  Add To List 
No change  62 I, Robot Isaac Asimov Collection 7.983 237  Add To List 
No change  63 Small Gods Terry Pratchett S13 7.980 92  Add To List 
No change  64 City Clifford D Simak Collection 7.974 117  Add To List 
No change  65 The Anubis Gates Tim Powers Novel 7.973 139  Add To List 
No change  66 Stranger In A Strange Land Robert Heinlein Novel 7.972 327  Add To List 
No change  67 The Fires Of Heaven Robert Jordan S05 7.968 453  Add To List 
No change  68 The Eye Of The World Robert Jordan S01 7.965 494  Add To List 
No change  69 To Green Angel Tower Tad Williams S03 7.961 166  Add To List 
No change  70 The Shadow Of The Torturer Gene Wolfe S01 7.952 170  Add To List 
No change  71 The Dispossessed Ursula K LeGuin Novel 7.950 205  Add To List 
No change  72 Rendezvous With Rama Arthur C Clarke S01 7.949 237  Add To List 
No change  73 Way Station Clifford D Simak Novel 7.946 170  Add To List 
No change  74 The Claw Of The Conciliator Gene Wolfe S02 7.938 154  Add To List 
No change  75 Doomsday Book Connie Willis Novel 7.934 89  Add To List 
No change  76 Lord Of Chaos Robert Jordan S06 7.933 443  Add To List 
No change  77 Neuromancer William Gibson S01 7.932 316  Add To List 
No change  78 A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess Novel 7.923 126  Add To List 
No change  79 The Wandering Fire Guy Gavriel Kay S02 7.922 158  Add To List 
No change  80 The Darkest Road Guy Gavriel Kay S03 7.920 156  Add To List 
No change  81 Neutron Star Larry Niven Collection 7.920 118  Add To List 
No change  82 Lord Foul's Bane Stephen Donaldson S01 7.917 186  Add To List 
No change  83 Stone Of Tears Terry Goodkind S02 7.917 110  Add To List 
No change  84 Ubik Philip K Dick Novel 7.917 137  Add To List 
No change  85 The Forever War Joe Haldeman S01 7.909 189  Add To List 
No change  86 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll S01 7.905 139  Add To List 
No change  87 More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon Novel 7.902 111  Add To List 
No change  88 Men At Arms Terry Pratchett S15 7.893 84  Add To List 
No change  89 Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut Novel 7.892 113  Add To List 
No change  90 A Song For Arbonne Guy Gavriel Kay Novel 7.882 125  Add To List 
No change  91 Silverthorn Raymond E Feist S02 7.879 128  Add To List 
No change  92 Starship Troopers Robert Heinlein Novel 7.875 217  Add To List 
No change  93 Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett S08 7.872 98  Add To List 
No change  94 Something Wicked This Way Comes Ray Bradbury Novel 7.863 110  Add To List 
No change  95 The Magician's Nephew C S Lewis S06 7.854 174  Add To List 
No change  96 The Vor Game Lois McMaster Bujold S02 7.853 92  Add To List 
No change  97 The City And The Stars Arthur C Clarke Novel 7.850 124  Add To List 
No change  98 The Silmarillion J R R Tolkien Novel 7.841 196  Add To List 
No change  99 The War Of The Worlds H G Wells Novel 7.840 140  Add To List 
No change  100 Good Omens Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman Novel 7.839 163  Add To List 

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